Area Rugs


Largest In-Stock Rug Selection in Santa Barbara


Please visit our showroom where we display Santa Barbara's largest in-stock selection of area rugs featuring today's designer looks and colors. The vast majority of our assortment features machine made rugs that are made in the USA using earth friendly fibers. We feature sizes ranging from 5' x 8' all the way up to large room sizes of 9' x 13'. Because purchase from our suppliers in bulk quantities, we pass on these cost savings to you. We know Santa Barbara has a lack of rug stores featuring more affordable products so visit us at 5610 Hollister Ave in Goleta today where you will find fashionable area rugs at discount prices! You will be pleasantly surprised that we are not only a flooring store but a rug store as well.


Shopping for area rug does not have to be challenging. The first step  prior to your visit to our showroom is to educate yourself a little bit about the different types of rugs and what you should look for in a rug.


Area rugs come in a wide range of styles. Your first step is to decide what type of look your room is leaning towards. Think about the type of furniture and decor your room has. Many of our customers bring in pillows or fabrics to make their selection process easier.


Carpeteria-Carpet-One-Goleta-CA-Traditional-Area-Rugs1. TRADITIONAL RUGS

Also referred to as Oriental or Persian rugs are still the best selling rugs in the industry today.  Even with the trend towards more casual and contemporary styles, traditional rugs are still sought after. 

Carpeteria-Carpet-One-Goleta-CA-Contemporary-Area-Rugs2. CONTEMPORARY RUGS

Today's designers have created fashion forward modern designs that feature tasteful looks and feels that will be sure to coordinate with any décor.

Carpeteria-Carpet-One-Goleta-CA-Transitional-Area-Rugs3. TRANSITIONAL AREA RUGS

The category of transitional area rugs is one of the most growing. These patterns feature more modern styles but not as much as a bold, contemporary design.  Examples of transitional rugs are chevron, botanical and floral.

Carpeteria-Carpet-One-Goleta-CA-Solid-Area-Rugs4. SOLID RUGS

We also feature a large assortment of solid rugs including shag and natural fibers for those looking for a more neutral, toned down look.

At Carpeteria Carpet One Floor & Home of Santa Barbara, we have partnered with Karastan to feature one of the largest selections of in-stock Karastan rugs in the Tri-Counties. Karastan is the premier manufacturer of 100% New Zealand Wool area rugs and we pride ourselves in featuring their products prominently.



Once you have decided upon your styling, next think about the type of fibers you would consider. Choose from Wool, Synthetics, and natural fibers such as sisal, sea grass and jute.


Wool is generally accepted as the most well-rounded fiber in area rugs overall. This inherently natural and "green" fiber is soft to the touch and will last the longest due to its characteristic of being highly resilient, which means it tends to bounce back to its original shape more easily than synthetic fibers. An example of this is shown when a wool rug is walked on. Wool will typically resist foot tracking marks as the fiber bounces back to its original shape. Whereas with synthetic fibers, they tend to show crush marks overtime and break down easier than wool. Wool is also naturally warm in the winter and cool in the summer -in other words, it reacts to temperature well. Finally, because wool is constantly shedding although you may not see, it is always showing its newest layer on the surface which is why wool rugs tend to look new even years after purchase.


The most common synthetics used in area rugs are nylon, olefin (polypropylene), and polyester. Of these three, nylon generally features the best characteristics. Nylon is the softest synthetic that you can purchase and generally cleans better than its counterparts. Because all three synthetic fibers are non-porous in nature, they tend to be more forgiving than wool when it comes to cleaning stains. On the flip side, since these synthetics are derived from petroleum, oil-based stains tend to be more stubborn to remove. Other fibers we feature are natural fibers such as sisal, sea grass and jute. These types of fibers give you the look and feel of a beach community like Santa Barbara. They do require more care as they do not react to moisture well.