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Santa Barbara's Largest In-Stock Carpet Selection

Our specialists know carpeting. It is what we have been selling since we opened our doors to Santa Barbara in 1979.

Our flooring specialists can help you understand the aspects of carpet compared to other flooring products.

Please visit our showroom to view the largest selection of in-stock rolls of carpet in Santa Barbara. We only purchase carpet rolls in bulk, truckload quantities when our suppliers have the goods on-sale. Since we purchase in large quantities, we pass on these discounts to you, the consumer.  When you purchase from our in-stock inventory, we feature our most premium, styles that have the look & feel of Santa Barbara at the price point of an entry-level product. You can easily see the great values with our in-stock rolls.

All of our carpet is first quality and backed by our superior installation guarantees.

In addition to our in-stock values, our professional installation team gives us an advantage the competition cannot match. All of our installers have been part of our team for years and some even since the day we opened our doors to the Santa Barbara community. Our team consists of friendly, personable and professionally trained carpet installers. We always follow the correct methods of carpet layout and never cut corners.

Please visit our showroom at 5610 Hollister Avenue in Goleta to shop our huge selection of in-stock rolls and remnants. 


Why Choose Carpeting?

Carpet is soft, warm and plush. For consumers that prefer the soft texture that carpet provides, the choice is easy.

Even though the hard surface industry is rapidly growing, carpeting is still the leading choice for flooring in Santa Barbara.

Because of the ability to dye yarns in almost any color, carpeting has a vast assortment of colors and styles to choose from. Sometimes the selections are overwhelming.

Carpeting is budget friendly in both material and installation costs.

Carpeting is now more recyclable than ever. Our carpet suppliers strive to use yarns and fibers that are either recyclable, have a portion of recycled material or are made from a renewable resource. These carpets gain the "Green Select" label. For those concerned about noise reduction, carpeting is inherently quieter than hard surfaces and can act as acoustics.

Carpeteria-Carpet-One-Goleta-CA-Wool-CarpetWool Carpeting

More and more Santa Barbara consumers are demanding for wool carpets because of its superior characteristics.

Wool is the softest fiber that money can buy in the carpet industry. It adapts well to temperature change and is inherently warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Because wool is constantly shedding its layers even though it will be invisible, it is always displaying it's newest layer on the surface. This is why wool carpets always look brand new and last for generations.

Furthermore, wool carpets have the characteristic of being highly resilient. Meaning that wool has a "springy" feature and tends to bounce back to its original shape. For example, when wool carpets are walked on, the fiber will naturally bounce back instead of remaining crushed. This is why wool carpets tend to hide foot traffic more. On the other hand, synthetic fibers will tend to break down after a period of time by beginning to show wear marks in the highest traffic areas.

Finally, because wool is a natural product, it is naturally environmentally friendly as well. When the wool is obtained from sheep, our suppliers conform to the strictest guidelines in ensuring animal safety. Shaving of wool is often compared to a human being obtaining a haircut.

For more information, please visit our showroom to speak to one of our carpet specialists who know Santa Barbara consumers best.