In-Stock Hardwood Floors


Carpeteria-Carpet-One-Goleta-CA-Hardwood-FloorsSanta Barbara's Largest In-Stock Selection

Our specialists know hardwood. We can help you understand the characteristics, advantages and benefits that make hardwood floors one of Santa Barbara’s most popular floor coverings. Hardwood will increase the resale value of your home which can help substantially in a real estate market like Santa Barbara. Our showroom features the largest in-stock selection of hardwood in Santa Barbara. Because we purchase from our suppliers in bulk quantities at greatly reduced prices, we pass on these cost savings to you, the consumer. We do not purchase second quality items. Everything we feature in-stock is first quality. Aside from our great in-stock values, we believe our professional installation also sets us apart from the competition. We use only professional and courteous local installers that know the Santa Barbara area and have been servicing satisfied customers for decades.

We closely follow wood industry guidelines with our installations, ensuring that potential problems are avoided. With today's growing environmental concerns, all of our suppliers follow strict industry guidelines. Please visit our Goleta showroom to visit our vast assortment of in-stock hardwood floors that you will not see displayed on our website. 

Carpeteria-Carpet-One-Goleta-CA-Hardwood-FloorsWhy Choose Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood floors can bring beauty and an elegant look and feel to your home. The warmth that hardwood flooring brings cannot be replicated by any other floor covering. As a matter of fact, other flooring products only try to copy the the natural characteristics of wood such as the grains and handscraping that some hardwoods feature. Today's hardwood floors come in a wide variety of species, hardnesses, colors and textures. Many of our local Santa Barbara consumers like the look and feel of bamboo floors because it features a coastal, beach themed look. Bamboo is not a product of trees but is rather a very fast growing plant.