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Carpet Flooring in Santa Barbara, CA

To choose to carpet is to choose instant transformation. With more carpet flooring options than ever before, it’s easy to enjoy your favorite soft surfaces throughout your home or business. At Carpeteria Carpet One Floor & Home of Santa Barbara, CA, we have a passion for flooring and offer carpets to suit nearly any space, budget, style, and need.


Whether you’re seeking a heavy-duty carpet to handle foot traffic or a carpet that’s proven to resist common stains, odors, and moisture, we’ve got you covered. Here are some things for you to bear in mind as you start shopping.


Types of Carpet


Today, there are so many carpet flooring choices that the shopping process can initially overwhelm. To make the best long-term decisions, we encourage you to take a close inventory of your space and its occupants. Factors like household allergies, pets, children, and activity levels should all be considered.


Your carpet’s fibers are often referred to as pile and will mostly determine how your carpet or area rug will appear, wear, and function. Carpet pile can be either natural or synthetic. The five major construction types are level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush, and each one comes with its respective abilities.


Nylon fiber, a synthetic that’s extremely popular, has a soft feel and is extremely durable. However, if stain resistance is one of your requirements, make sure to opt for a nylon carpet that’s been treated with a special coating. Polyester fiber, a more affordable synthetic option, offers similar softness to polyester, but less durability. New manufacturing techniques are gradually changing this, and durable polyester selections are gradually making their presence.


Olefin/polypropylene fibers tend to be used in very bold, decorative carpets that offer trendy style, but aren’t intended for heavy foot traffic. While not appropriate for heavy wear, these carpets are stunning to look at, and are great for living rooms that aren’t heavily treaded. Wool fibers are naturally sourced from sheep, and are considered highly desirable for their durability, longevity, and sustainability. Wool carpet also works great for households affected by allergies, as such fibers act as an effective air filter for common allergens. Triexta fiber is a tough synthetic that doesn’t require pre-treatment to repel stains. For that reason, it’s a very popular and effective commercial carpet.


Carpet Installation


Carpet flooring must be avoided in a bathroom or kitchen, but there are thousands of options to go everywhere else. For most commercial needs, a resilient synthetic is best. These top achievers are also incredible additions to large homes where your pets and toddlers roam freely. If comfort, rather than durability, is your main objective, consider adding a soft, succulent plush carpet. These are but a couple of examples.


Our Carpet Selection


As part of Carpet One Floor and Home, the world’s largest independently owned flooring store network, Carpeteria Carpet One proudly serves greater Santa Barbara and surrounding towns. We offer up all the hottest carpet flooring brands, including some exciting exclusive lines. Please visit us soon at 5610 Hollister Avenue in Goleta, CA, today to browse our latest displays. You can also shop our carpet products online.


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Caring for Carpet

Properly caring for your carpet will enhance its life and performance, giving you years of enjoyment. You can choose to clean it yourself, but we do recommend a professional cleaning every few years to increase the lifecycle of your carpet.